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The Pinterest Myth

How many times have we looked at a fashion magazine and felt miserable and depressed because the models portraying real people were slim, beautiful and blemish free? Not many people are that perfect in real life and even the models themselves are often air brushed to within an inch of their silky smooth lives – no pimples, no wrinkles, no hair in the wrong place. We all know that these people aren’t real, so why do we feel intimidated or threatened by them?

Unfortunately, the same can be said for the houses in magazines or on Pinterest. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore Pinterest (who doesn’t?) and have a rather hefty collection of home/interiors magazines and books. I can pin like a whirling dervish and disappear for hours on end if I’m not careful – but often come out the other side feeling disheartened with my own home.


I mean, who doesn’t want an enormous kitchen with timber floors and enough room to swing a cat? I know I do, but the reality is that my whole kitchen would fit in the space between the kitchen and the dining table in the photo. No room for an enormous island, no room for a dresser and absolutely no room for cat swinging.


What a stunning image this is – lots of white, painted floorboards, gorgeous stove – BUT anyone who has a wood burner knows that the only time the floor looks like this is for about twenty seconds after you vacuum. The second you open the door to the wood burner, there is dust and ash all over the floor. Then there’s the wood – bringing it into the house involves a trail of woodchips from the door to the stove. Lovely little stool next to the bed – but what about the nice lamp on top? Wouldn’t that topple over the second you touch it? Just like the models in the fashion magazines, these rooms are styled, styled and styled again.


What a bathroom – luxurious, clean, bright, spacious and entirely delicious. I have two children and my bathroom would only look like that for a very short space of time every week and only after I cleaned all the toothpaste off the sinks and countertop. The rest of the time the toilet seat would be up, there would be empty toilet roll tubes on the floor, a few hastily strewn towels on towel rails (if I’m lucky) and the mirror would be covered in a variety of unsightly splodges. Speaking of children, there is a plethora of delightful childrens’ rooms on Pinterest – you could go missing for weeks just on bedrooms alone. I would love my kids’ rooms to be tidy all the time, but the reality is far from the dream. My two are busy loom-banding or Minecrafting or dog entertaining or chook feeding and there are only so many hours in the day. How nice would it be if the bedroom looked like this the majority of the time, instead of the floor covered monstrosity that is currently my daughter’s room?


Now, I’m not suggesting that Pinterest and magazines are bad things, far from it. In fact, they can give us heaps of ideas and inspiration to transform the houses that we do have, however big or small, whether owned or rented, into a home that reflects who we are and that will be the topic for my next post. Have a great day.

Sharon xx

NB. All images found on Pinterest funnily enough.