What is the year of me?

I’ve known for quite some time, that I need to make some changes in my life. Some are big changes, some are small, but together they will make a big difference.

Sick of being tired, lethargic, sick, miserable, unmotivated and overweight, I had a realisation back in November, whilst in Sydney with my son’s school excursion, that NOW is the time. I’m 47, and if I don’t make some serious changes now, my health, my physical, mental and emotional well-being, my relationships, my business, everything, will continue to deteriorate, perhaps to the point of no return.

I had no real direction at this point, in terms of the changes I wanted to make, but returned home from Sydney determined to make it happen.


When I came home from Sydney, I got sick; swollen glands, exhaustion, headaches, and pharyngitis. I felt dreadful, but more than that, I felt frustrated that I couldn’t jump straight into making these important changes. I was gentle with myself, I rested, I hydrated, I slept. Finally, I felt better, but as soon as I started taking action, it all came back. It was at least 3 weeks until I felt well again. Of course in the midst of this, I was dealing with the kids finishing school for the year, my son’s birthday, and preparing for Christmas.

A week before Christmas, the trapped nerves in my neck that had been bothering me on and off for a few months returned with extreme pain and fatigue. It felt like I couldn’t win. I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which is a fancy way of saying that the nerves, arteries or veins between my neck and my armpit are compressed. All I know is that it is extremely painful and debilitating, with extreme pain in my neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and back.

It seemed as though my subconscious was trying to sabotage me, to keep me in that place where I felt safe. Either that, or the Universe was testing how committed I am to making these changes. Either way, it sucked!!

It’s only really now, on the 5th January, that I can comfortably sit at my desk to type. I’m still not allowed to hang out washing, vacuum, mop, or anything else that requires strenuous use of my arms, which is a crying shame really, hahaha.

So, what areas of my life do I want to change?  Well, there are 8 main areas:

Physical health – eating habits, exercise, core strength, weight, sleep.

Mental health – meditation and mindfulness, screen time, therapy.

Finance – budgeting.

Relationships – husband, children, family, friends.

Fun – hobbies, creativity.

Personal growth – study, wisdom, experience.

Business – speaking, writing, coaching, consulting.

Home – organisation, planning, chores.

Sounds like a huge list, right? Well yes, but I’m planning on making lots of small changes which I hope will make a big difference.

I decided that I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, do it alone. So, putting it out into the Universe, I started a Facebook group called, “The Year of Me”, and invited people along for the ride. The idea of the group is to motivate, support, and nurture each other, so that we can ALL move forwards towards where we want to be.

I’d love to have you in the group, so why not join us here…

 The Year of Me. 

Hope to see you there.