Get Your Confidence Sorted

Do you negatively compare yourself with others?

Do you undervalue your skills, experience and abilities?

Do you ever pretend to be something or someone that you are not?

Do you worry that people will find out you aren’t as great or as capable as they think you are?

Ask yourself these further questions...

Do you ever feel as though you are wasting your time through a lack of focus, wasting your evergy through a lack of clarity and direction, or wasting your talent through a lack of confidence?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel capable, worthy, valued, confident and happy with who you are?

Here’s the problem

When dealing with setting goals and moving forward, a Life Coach can be an excellent way of creating a plan for success, however often our in-built thoughts, feelings and regressions around things that have happened to us or around us in the past, prevent us from achieving our goals.  Sometimes we don’t even really understand that we sabotage our own actions to keep us in a place of emotional safety and familiarity.

Counselors, therapists and psychiatrists can be an essential part of our journey to emotional and mental health and well-being (particularly if you have been professionally diagnosed as having a mental health disorder), and they are able to help you deal with past traumas, unhealthy thought patterns, grief, loss, substance abuse and becoming better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Business coaches will give you fantastic advice, support and guidance for your business, but perhaps may not understand the challenges of living and running a business when you have mental health challenges.

Friends and family can be loving and supportive, but are often to close to be able to give you impartial advice, as what you do may impact on them.  If they don’t have any lived experience of mental illness, they may find it hard to understand some of your beliefs, actions and behaviours.

So how do you move forward towards the future you desire, leaving the past behind you, if you are unclear about what is possible and the potential you have hidden deep within you?

As busy human beings, we don’t buy personal development books, CD’s or DVD’s on confidence, goal setting, changing our thought patterns or dealing with mind health issues because we want to spend countless hours reading them.  I have read many of these books over the years and whilst some of them may have given me an “a-ha” moment or two, on the whole they have left me feeling somewhat empty.  We all know that thinking positively, cutting negative people from our lives and setting goals for our future success are an integral part of a healthy mind and happy life, but what if some unknown, invisible part of you is draining your confidence, beating down your sense of self-worth and generally making you feel like a failure.  If the so-called simple techniques detailed in a self-help book prove to be inefficient, what then?

How I can help you

Rather than just focusing on one area of your life, I take a far more holistic approach, helping you to better manage all the life areas you want to improve.


Together we look at:


  • How you feel about yourself
  • How you feel about your relationships
  • How you feel about how others perceive you
  • What your inner dialogue is (i.e. what those little mind monsters are saying to you)
  • What your values and beliefs are
  • What may be holding you back

3 Month Private Mentoring Program

In this tailor-made program, we work together on YOUR life. Each program is written specifically for you. It’s completely customised.

We tackle:

tackle-img-1The things that keep YOU awake at night (and I’m not talking about screaming children, although we can cover that too if necessary)

tackle-img-2The things that prevent you from moving forward in your life

tackle-img-1Your systems, structures, schedules and time management (or lack thereof)

tackle-img-2YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR passions

tackle-img-2All the “shoulds” you use on yourself:


Your investment

You receive:

  • A comprehensive workbook that will help you gain clarity about where you are and where you want to go.
  • A one-on-one fortnightly mentoring/coaching call via Skype where we discuss goals, challenges, obstacles, direction; in order for you to become accountable for your own actions and success.
  • Email support: twice a week you can liaise directly with me to ask questions and discuss actions.
  • Any of my tools and tips that YOU need to succeed

At the end of this program you will have the ability, knowledge, tools and confidence to take control of your life, your business, your home and your family.


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