Who is Sharon Chisholm?


Hi Everyone!  I’m Sharon Chisholm.

I’m a Coach, Counsellor, Speaker, Writer and passionate Mental Health Advocate.  I’m also a Mum, a Wife, an animal lover and an interior design addict. But we’ll talk about that in a moment.

First, let’s talk about why this website is useful for you.

I’m going to assume that by visiting my website, there are areas of your business, and you life that you feel could be improved, perhaps including your confidence, self-esteem, worthiness, health (both mental and physical), focus and direction.

With most things at our fingertips and social media creating false images of life, we tend to think that we can and must be all things, to all people, at all times and then we wonder why we are struggling and overwhelmed.

How I get you sorted:

I am a unique fusion between a Life Coach, Business Coach and someone who has my own personal experience with mental health issues. Due to this, I am able to work from a place of deeper understanding and empathy, knowing when to challenge and when to support.  When you work with me:

  1. You become happier and more confident.
  2. You feel organised, empowered and more in control.
  3. You have more fulfilling relationships with the people around you.
  4. Your personal values and boundaries are recognised and strengthened!
  5. You are able to deal with a variety of circumstances in a calm and confident manner.
  6. You achieve greater success in the areas of your life that you focus on.

How I help:

Through my products and services I can help you to take back control of your life, re-defining your values and goals, enabling you to find your inspiration and motivation and being able to move forward feeling far more confident and capable.  I provide you with the tools, skills and processes and because I have been in a similar position to many of you, I can help you deal with the underlying emotional stuff that often paralyses us.

My services include:

  • clipboardOne-on-one coaching
  • bookE-guides and planners
  • miniMe-computer12 week signature coaching program

I am inspired by amazing people like YOU!

There are so many incredible people out there, just like you, but all too often we feel alone and isolated. Do you feel you aren’t reaching your full potential because of low self-esteem, limiting beliefs or doubts about your abilities?  Or perhaps you are struggling with mental health issues or a diagnosis/treatment.  Working on yourself isn’t something to be taken lightly – it is hard work, can be emotionally and physically demanding and is not something that can be completed in a day.  Rather it is a winding road, much like a maze, where you will hit road blocks and wrong turns (and perhaps even some dead ends) along the way.

A bit more about me….

Mum of two and wife of one, I spent my formal pre-children working life in a variety of roles including recruitment, sales and management.

In 2002, I decided to uproot and move from my home in England to Australia where I quickly fell in love with and married a paragliding instructor. Now, a few years on we now have two beautiful children, a dog, a cat and a flurry of feathery chickens. I adore interior design and my spare time will often be spent watching home improvement shows, upcycling furniture or visiting antique shops and reclamations yards.  As a family we love to explore the outdoors, spending weekends and school holidays away camping in the stunning Australian countryside.  I love to read, watch movies or my favourite TV shows and am passionate about personal development and growth, always looking to learn more about the world and my place in it.

My own journey and struggles with mind health and mental illness have left me with a strong desire to work with others facing the same issues.  Working as a Life Coach, I felt that it was only half the picture and wanted to deepen my support for my clients. Growing up and into my early 40’s, I struggled with confidence and very low self-esteem.  It didn’t matter how great other people thought I was, how many awards and testimonials I received, I simply didn’t believe it and belittled every achievement I’d accomplished.  At 33, following the birth of my daughter, I was
diagnosed with clinical depression.  Fast forward 12 years via a rollercoaster journey of depression, anxiety, stability and a lot of personal learning and growth, I was then re-diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Getting this new diagnosis has been the missing piece of my life’s jigsaw puzzle – I could look back over the years and see the flow of ups and downs, and my past behaviour patterns suddenly made so much more sense.  Having now accepted and embraced my new reality, I am using my skills and experience as a coach, together with my knowledge and understanding of mind health, to coach and mentor those in a similar situation.



Sharon will help you feel in control, empowered and happy; and as a result, you and your relationships will thrive. Want to get sorted? It’s time to get started.

To find out more about Sharon’s programs and how she can help you to get sorted, please complete this enquiry form.